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"Around the same time, my administration contacted the FBI to share concerns about Centerplan's handling of the project, including their failure to pay subcontractors for their work," Bronin said. "This is one more demonstration of our commitment to absolute accountability, because that's what taxpayers deserve." Corporation Counsel Howard Rifkin said Friday he told federal law enforcement that payments due ballpark contractors by Centerplan had not been made. "The city went to the FBI with concerns based on allegations that certain vendors and subcontractors that should have been paid were not paid, and that the amount was quite large," Rifkin said. "So we went to the FBI and said 'We'd like you to take a look at it because something is not right with the picture'." Rifkin would not elaborate. Sources with knowledge of the matter said, however, that as much as $8 million to $12 million may be due subcontractors. Yard Goats' owner Construction loan Melbourne Oak Laurel Melbourne Josh Solomon said Friday, "The team was contacted by numerous subcontractors about non payment from Centerplan and we referred those complaints to the City of Hartford. We are hopeful that the subcontractors will be fully compensated." Centerplan's CEO and founder, Robert Landino, said his company did nothing wrong and "I welcome anyone to contact me with regard to any investigation." Landino responded to city officials' comments by saying, "As far as we're concerned, this is a dispute about money that will get decided in litigation, when all the facts are properly presented and a judge decides who is right and who is wrong." "We were wrongfully terminated, and the city is in breach of contract," Landino said. "Let's stop playing petty politics.